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            One dollar after another, Vientiane updated.


            One dollar after another, Vientiane updated. In the festive days of the Lantern Festival, all the staff of Sunho  Pharmaceuticals gathered together to hold the “Vision 2018” Annual Meeting and Lantern Festival celebrations.

            The activity  kicked off  with the melody of cheerful music, and the company’s secretary general, director and deputy president Ms. Wen Qian chaired the year-end summary. Ms.Wen first introduced the guests present at the ceremony: General Manager Mr.Chu of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants, General Manager of Beijing Zhongcheng Construction and Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., and colleagues of the company’s leaders who had come from Guangdong Sunho Pharmaceutical Co,.ltd from  Guangdong Province. Everyone reported to the guests. Warm applause welcome.

            Director of the company’s board of directors, director, deputy president Ms. Wen Xin chaired the meeting

            The first item of the conference was summed up by Mr. Yu Jizhong, President of the company. The general report is divided into work summary and New Year outlook. In the work summary section, Mr.Yu made a brief review of the work done by various departments of the company in 2017, affirmed the work done by various departments, and summarized the aspects of sales, scientific research, production, and corporate culture construction.

            President Yu Jizhong makes the company's development report

            In the New Year's Outlook section, General Manager pointed out that our new plant is expected to be put into operation in 2019, and it will be equipped with an internationally advanced production line for high-end pharmaceutical preparations. Once it is completed and put into production, it will further enhance the technological content of products, and the hardware facilities and office environment will be greatly improved. For the company's development to provide a strong basis for protection;

            At the same time, the South China Center for Drug Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has been established in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has also been listed. Upon completion, it will provide CMC, CRO, and CMO services covering the entire value chain of drug innovation research and development, providing high-quality and comprehensive technical services for pharmaceutical innovation and industrial upgrading.

            At the end, Mr.Yu proposed that he hoped to firmly establish the sense of ownership and continuously deepen the corporate culture concept of “beyond self and create development” and contribute to the realization of the corporate vision of becoming an outstanding international high-end generic drug service provider!

            Afterwards, Ms.Wen read out awards and commendations for outstanding employees in 2017. Ms. Yin Lan , Chairman of the company, and Mr. Yu Jizhong, the president of the company, presented awards to the winning employees and took photos.

            Wang Yubin, from the quality department, delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of the award-winning employees. He thanked Sunho  for her care and development of all employees and thanked Sunho  for providing a platform for development. Ms.Wen expressed his congratulations to the award-winning employees and hoped that in the new year, outstanding employees in different positions will not be arrogant and truly play an exemplary role.

            At the end of the year-end summary session, senior leaders  Zhang Ming, Ms.Yu, Ms.Wen  and deputy general managers of Guangdong Sunho  Pharmaceuticals, and Wu Hao, chief financial officer of Beijing Sunho  Pharmaceutical, together attended the ceremony and raised their glasses to the employees. I sincerely thank you and wish everyone a smooth and happy family life in the new year!

            Accompanied by the music of joyful yearning, the opening dance of “round and round” jumped out of joy and jumped out of celebration. The Lantern Festival was officially started. The well-prepared songs and dances and recitations from various departments have been unveiled. There are lots of eye-catching games and exciting games. The scenes are warm and the applause continues.

            Dance:Tuantuan yuanyuan

            Song: Pink memories

            Song: We believe we will make a miracle

            Poetry recitation: The footsteps of spring

            Chorus: Our workers have power

            In particular, we have adopted a new We-Chat interaction platform this year. On-site audiences have made barrage to express their best wishes to the company. In the end, the chorus formed by more than 20 employees in the production department sang high praise for “We have the power of workers” and the atmosphere was like a rainbow, pushing the celebration atmosphere to a climax.

            Live Lucky Draw

            Interactive games

            2018 is our star-studded medicine and innovation year. Let us work together to help each other, make persistent efforts, and strive to achieve better results. We hope that Sunho's tomorrow will be even better!


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